Home Air Purifier

Equipped with a new type of filter screen with efficient composite refrigerant catalyst, which can absorb and decompose at the same time.

Bedroom HEPA Air Purifier Ionizer Household Air Cleaner CADR450

Smart APP Remote Control

Get rid of distance limitations and app remote control of machines.

5-Stage Purification System

Removes 99.97% of indoor pollutants as small as 0.3 microns and larger.

Peace And Quiet

Clean air shouldn’t come at the cost of your comfort.





Wind Speed




Negative lons






Unit Dimension


Smart Home Air Purifier CADR450 Features

1. Four color LED air quality indicators, green (excellent). Blue (good), yellow (medium), red (Poor).

2. Manual & Smart WIFI APP control as optional.

3. PM2.5 value display& Air quality light display.

4. The forest oxygen bar in the room – key releases millions of negative ions.

5. Configure the sleep mode, sleep peacefully without disturbing

6. Dumping | automatic power-off protection when the cover is opened, provide a variety of safety protection level.

7. Adopt with a new type of environmental cold catalyst filter, which can effectively remove formaldehyde.

Smart Home Air Purifier Purification Technology

Remove PM2.5

Air quality sensor

Negative lons

Breathing lamp

Wifi remote control

Protection function

Wide Applications

54 m²

Max Area

32 m²

Min Applicable Area

Air Outlet

The big air outlet design makesyour feel more fresh air in a short time.

Air Duct Design

Higher air pressure,faster air

Power Failure Protection

It is equipped with tilt,flip,and
fire protection with three levels of intelligent protection

Multiple Panel Designs

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