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Global R&D Center

Haike has an industrial design center, air purifiers, water purifiers, smart dishwashers, electronic control development, mold development and other professional R & D teams. There are more than 50 R&D engineers, more than 50 new products are launched every year, and more than 80 patents are applied for each year. Up to now, the company has obtained more than 300 authorized patents, including more than 30 invention patents. The company's experimental testing center has passed a number of national laboratory accreditations. The company's research and experimental development expenditures account for about 4% of sales each year.

  • 50


  • 300+

    Authorized Patents

  • 30+

    Invention Patents


Manufacturing Plant

  • Mould Plant
  • Filter Plant
  • Injection Plant
  • Assembly Plant

Mould Plant

The mold plant has an annual production capacity of 200 sets of precision molds. Haike has progressively introduced modern CNC machining centers, electric spark equipmentS, and slow wire cutting equipments from Germany and Japan, which has well adapted to the needs of the company's rapid upgrading and innovation.

Filter Plant

The filter plant has been invested 20 million RMB successively to build a first-class automated, intelligent air filter automatic production line. At present, the annual production capacity exceeds 2 million pieces, and the products cover household, vehicle, commercial, industrial and so on.

Injection Plant

The Injection plant has more than 30 injection molding machines ranging from 180 tons to 800 tons, and its annual production capacity exceeds 3,000 tons. In recent years, due to vigorously promoting lean improvement projects such as on-site logistics improvement and automation transformation, which made the on-site quality, cost and efficiency have been fully improved.

Assembly Plant

The assembly plant has more than 10 assembly lines for small appliances such as purifiers. Under the customer-led lean production mode, the timely material distribution system andquality control system ensure the production capacity of 5,000 units per day.


Advanced Test Center

Aging Test

Aging Test

In the production process, not only each product has undergone a gradual flow inspection, but also an aging test for each product. The picture above shows that the quality personnel are inspecting the product aging process.

Performance test

Performance test

In order to ensure the reliable performance of the purifier, the quality inspection process is important. From raw materials to production and assembly, it will be monitored by layers. The above picture shows the testers doing data records.

Hi-Voltage test

Hi-Voltage test

A test that applies a specified AC or DC high voltage between the charged and non-charged parts of the appliance to check the withstand voltage capability of the insulation material of the appliance. In the long-term work, electrical appliances must not only bear the role of the rated working voltage, but also withstand the short-term overvoltage effect that is higher than the rated working voltage during operation.


Excellent OEM/ODM Strength
For Your Success

Strong manufacturing research developing manufacturer, one-stop air purifier solutions provider for customers all over the world. Any needs or assistance, welcome to contact and advanced communication with us.

  • OEM Advantage
  • ODM Advantage

18 Years Of Professional Air Purifier OEM Experience

At the beginning of Haike's establishment, it mainly engaged in the OEM production of air purifiers.

After years of cooperation with major brand manufacturers, Haike has learned its advanced concepts and continuously improved its production efficiency and product quality. Three system certifications have been established successively

You will not have any worries by handing over the products to Haike for production.

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18 Years Of Professional Air Purifier OEM Experience

Haike has established strategic cooperation agreements with many Fortune 500 companies. After years of development, Haike has a complete product R&D team and product laboratory. And has many patented technologies in the field of air purifiers and household water purifiers. Establishing ODM OEM cooperation with us, you will be able to maximize the quality and competitiveness of your products.

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Reliable & High-Quality OEM/ODM Service

OEM Based On Existing Product

Customers don't have to worry about brand planning and design,our professional team can do it for you

ODM According to Customer Special Requirements

Develop, mold and produce products according to customer needs

Package Printing Materials Design

Design of customer brand product packaging, manuals and related auxiliary sales printing materials

Proessfional Traning and Services

Provide technical training and after-sales services for our customers


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