Equipped with ionizer technology

This smart air purifier has a Negative Ion generator that can produces 1x106pcs/cm³ of Negative Ions for an extra layer of protection.

Ionic Smart Air Purifier Hepa CADR800

With it powerful filtration system this smart air purifier removes 99.94% of any bacteria, keeping your air clean and fresh. With 800m³/h CADR, 6 wind speeds, and a noise level of ≤68dB(A), you can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere with a wide coverage of up to 90m². Make it suitable for very large room, a small office or even a big apartment.

  • 99.94% Bacterial Removal

    CADR800 air purifier has a 99.94% bacterial removal rate.
  • 800m³/h CADR

    The CADR called the Clean Air Delivery Rate is 800m³/h.
  • 90m² Functional Area

    The applicable area can reach 90 square meters.
  • ≤68dB(A) Noise Level

    Max fan speed mode ≤68dB(A).
  • 6 Wind Speed

    Choose from six different wind speeds.
  • 1x106pcs/cm³ of Negative Ions

    Air ionizer technology produces up to 1x106pcs/cm³
  • OEM&ODM Manufacturer
  • Sample Available

Cleaner Air with 4 Filtration Stages

HOKO large room air purifier offers a powerful 2-pc filter that features an activated carbon pre-filter, true HEPA filter to ensure your air is free from dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, and other allergens.

Smart Wifi Connection

Control your purifier easily with built-in Wifi connection — no more hassles of manual settings! Monitor air quality levels and adjust settings as needed to maintain optimal air quality in your home.

Everything Is Clearly Visible

The LCD screen display shows real-time data of the air quality in your home — so you know exactly what kind of environment you are breathing in at all times.








Wind Speed

6 settings









Unit Dimension

356 x 356 x 665mm

Dule Filter With 4-Stage Air Purificaton System

Pre-filter +HEPA Filter+Activate Carbon Filer+Negative Ions

4 Sensors

PM2.5 sensors, Laser Dust sensor, Formaldehyde sensor, TVOC sensor

Control Method

Manual and Smart WIFI APP control as opional

Ionic Air Purifier Features

Remove allergen

High-precision Laser sensor

Dual-filter Design

6 Fans speeds

Timer function

Remote control

Monitoring of Humidity

Monitoring of Temperature

Low noise model

Childlock protection

Filter Reminder


Ionic Air Purifier Features

Remove allergen

Air quality sensor

Compound filter

6 Fans speeds

Timer function

Remote control

Monitoring of Humidity

Monitoring of Temperature

Low noise model

Childlock protection

Filter Reminder


About this Air Purifier

With 6 settings for wind speed, user can easily adjust the machine. The CADR (particles) of 800m³/h ensures that the air in the room is purified quickly and in a large area.

The purifier also features Lons 10x106pcs/cm³ technology, which helps to neutralize and remove pollutants from the air. The noise level is ≤68dB, making it quiet enough to use in a bedroom or other quiet space.

The 2-pc filter with 4 filtration layers ensures that even the smallest particles are removed. The first layer is a pre-filter that captures larger particles such as pet hair and dust. The second layer is a HEPA filter that captures smaller particles such as pollen and smoke. The third layer is an activated carbon filter that removes odors and pollutants.

Benefits of the Ionic Smart Air Purifier

1. Large-Space Design: Optimized for effective air purification in expansive areas.

2. Quick Circulation: Efficient air circulation for faster purification results.

3. Dual 4-Stage Filtration: Comprehensive air cleaning with two sets of filters.

4. Quadruple Sensor Technology: Precise monitoring of multiple aspects of indoor air quality.

5. Four-Color Air Quality Indicator: Easy-to-understand visual representation of real-time air quality.

6. Digital Display: Accurate air quality measurements and feedback at a glance.

7. Enhanced Safety Features: Prioritizes user safety with a plastic-sealed motor, slope-down protection, and safety micro-switch.

8. Double Forward Wind Wheel: Efficient air circulation design for rapid and thorough air purification.

9. Smart Wi-Fi Connection: Offers seamless integration with your smart home system, enabling convenient remote control and monitoring of your air purifier.

More detail about Air Purifier CADR800

Hidden Door Cover Buckle

Clever clasp design enhances the integrity of the purifier to the highest.

Universal Casters

There are swivel casters at the bottom for easy movement

Dumping Protection

When tilted more than 30 degrees, the running machine will automatically power off.

Wide Applications

52 m²

Min Applicable Area

90 m²

Max Area

Living Room
Meeting Room

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