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Thermal Water Purifier and Dispenser

Thermal Water Purifier And Dispensers

  • Thermal Water Purifier and Dispensers

    Dual Path, Clean and Boil, Smart Cooking
  • Free installation

    Free installation, can be placed anywhere
  • Extract Tea For Polypheno

    Using purified water to brew tea limits phenolic ketone and alkaline substance precipitation
  • 7-Temp, 6-Quant Adjustment

    Select from six settings for efficient
  • 2H Auto Heat Preservation

    Smart teapot remembers and keeps tea warm
  • 6L Raw water tank, 1.8L external tank

    Large tank for instant water output
  • OEM&ODM Manufacturer
  • Sample Available

Water purification and Stewing

Dual-waterway integrated model blends Meina’s water purification excellence with elegant stewing 


Free Installation

A smart, installation-free desktop water purifier with a purification filter, quick heating, and ice-making capabilities. Provides hot, warm, and ice water, and makes ice cubes.


With Multiple Functions

It integrates filtering, heating, cooling and ice making. It has the filtering function of a water purifier, the heating function of a water dispenser and the unique cooling function



Product Number

WH-03 (panel 2)



Clean water flow


Rated total net water volume


Rated total power


Hot water capacity


Water type

Hot/Normal temperature

Type of protection against electric shock


Applicable water source

Tap Water

Applicable water temperature


Product Size


Boiling water flow


Body material


Pure waste ratio


Normal temperature flow


Under-Sink Strontium-rich mineralization technology

Tap Water

Two-core five-layer

UV Sterilization

4-speed temperature

LED Display

Food grade material

Safe Child Lock

6L PurificationCapacit6

2-Core Multi-Stage Filtration

One Key Emptying

Thick Film Rare Earth Rapid Heating Technology

TDS Water Quality Intelligent Monitoring

Commercial Water Purifier Dispenser

Water purification | Stewing dual mode

The dual-waterway integrated model blends Meina’s water purification excellence with elegant stewing and luxury care design, embodying life understanding and health philosophy, enhancing nutrient absorption along life’s journey.

Thermal Water Purifier and Dispensers

1.7-Temp, 6-Quant Adjustment

Select from six settings for efficient, spill-free personalized water dispensing.

2. 2H Auto Heat Preservation

Smart teapot remembers and keeps tea warm, ensuring freshness

3. Under-Sink Strontium-Enriched Mineralization Technology

Strontium-rich mineralization technology uses natural ores to filter water, providing purified, strontium-enriched mineral water for health benefits .


Thermal Water Purifier & Dispenser

  • Versatile Dual-Mode Water Purification: Offers clean and boiled water with smart cooking features, ensuring fresh-tasting water for various uses.

  • Enhanced Nutrient Extraction: Glycol weak base extraction boosts nutrient activation and polyphenol intake from tea, enhancing aroma and health benefits.

  • Customizable Temperature and Quantity: Provides 7 temperature settings and 6 quantity adjustments for personalized water preferences.

  • Automatic Heat Preservation: Maintains warmth for up to 2 hours, ensuring ready-to-drink warm tea at any time.

  • Advanced Mineralization Technology: Under-sink purifier with strontium-enriched mineralization for health benefits and a two-core, five-layer purification system for superior and long-lasting water purity.


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