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Desktop Water Purification Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Desktop UF Water Purification Instant Hot Water Dispenser

  • 0.4-0.6MPa Rated Working Pressure

    RO Water Purifier is built with an advanced 0.4-0.6MPa Rated Working Pressure
  • 0.1kwh/24h Power Consumption

    Providing you with maximum value for money by consuming 0.1kwh/24h of electricity
  • 20L/h(≥90℃) Hot Water Capacity

    RO Water Purifier Provide 20L/h hot water capacity
  • 0.2L/min Net Water Flow Rated

    RO Water Purifier include 0.2L/min total net water flow
  • 4 Speed Water Temperature Gear

    RO Water Purifier has 4 speed gear option for water temperature
  • 4-40℃ Applicable Water Source

    Healthy drinking water from any applicable source - ranging from 4 to 40℃
  • OEM&ODM Manufacturer
  • Sample Available

Smart Touch Panel

Smart touch buttons, sensitive andsafer, more integrated with theadvantages of water purifiers andwater dispensers,bring a moresecure drinking experience.

Snap-on Filter Easier To Replace

Realize the independent replacement of thefilter element, and change it by yourself with aight twist, saving time, effort and money.

UV Strong Antibacterial

UV module is added to the water storage tank to effectively inhibit the growth and attachment of bacteria and avoid secondary pollution.


Product Number




Clean water flow


Rated total net water volume


Rated total power


Hot water capacity


Fixed work stress


Type of protection against electric shock


Applicable water source

Municipal tap water

Applicable water temperature


Product Size


Raw water tank capacity


Body material


Product Weight


Water output


Desktop Water Purification Technology

Tap Water

RO Reverse Osmosis

3S quick heat

4-speed temperature

Digital display

Food grade material

Safe child lock

1L Water Tank

Reverse Osmosis Technology

One Key Emptying

Thick Film Rare Earth Rapid Heating Technology

TDS Water Quality Intelligent Monitoring

Rejection of heavy metal pollution

Research into uf technology and the selection of the best possible option is necessary. To move beyond the limits of the existing reverse osmosis technology, breakthroughs in pressure difference separation of water molecules are required and improvements must be made. Doing so will enable reverse osmosis to exceed the national drinking water standards, effectively filtering out heavy metals, bacteria, and other pollutants.

The second generation of rare earth rapid heating technology

The second-generation rare earth rapid heating technology is equipped with outstanding fast-heating qualities. The heat is embedded deep within individual water molecules, eliminating the risks of repeated boiling and any scale build-up, resulting in a longer lifespan. This technology is also much more energy efficient than traditional electric heating, with a savings of up to 36%, and provides a faster and therefore more cost-effective production of water.

Desktop water Purification features

1.  Water purifier and water dispenser all ine one, 3 seconds quick heating.

2. Rear earth thick film fast heating technology instant heating& instant drinking.

3. Built-in TDS water purifier quality monitoring, the purification effect is clear at a glance.

4. Automatic water intake, no need to manually add water.

5. UV powerful antibacterial,deep protection to prevent secondary pollution.

6. 4 levels of temperature control, 4 levels of water volume, to meet the drinking habits of the whole family.

7. Smart touch panel, child lock mode-avoid children misoperation, sensitive and safer.

8. Patented reverse osmosis ro membrance filter out heavy metal, large particle impurities, bacteria and other organic matter in water.

More detail about Desktop Water Purification

Automatic Turn Off Screen

No light pollution standby automatic screen off design

Magnetic Water Receiving Box

Gently push the water box to automatically fix it with magnetic suction

Automatic Water Supply

Easy installation, once and for all Automatic water change, free hands

Self-Cleaning and Maintenance

Click and hold the water button for 5 seconds. Smart pipeline cleaning

TDS Water Quality Monitoring

Embedded TDS monitoring. Clear at a glance

Bayonet Filter Easier to replace

Twist lightly and change it yourself, saving time, effort and money

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