Purify Air for up to 48m²

Enjoy refreshing and purified air with the Humidifier HEPA Air Purifier CADR400, which features a 400m³/h CADR to purify air in small and medium rooms.

Humidifier Hepa Air Purifier CADR400

This humidifier HEPA air purifier CADR400 is an efficient device for air purifying. CADR400 delivers up to 400m³/h certified Clean Air Delivery Rate. It allows to purify air in medium room up to 48m². Designed with a 4-stage air purification system, it use of a pre-filter, HEPA filter, activate carbon filter, cold catalyst, ionizer and UV light to remove up to 99.94% of particles and bacterias. Along with its 360° circulation flow, CADR400 is ultra-quiet operating at ≤66dB Noise Level. Plus, the ionizer produces 1x10pcs/cm³ of negative ions, guaranteeing the air around you to be immersed in a pleasant atmosphere.

  • 99.94% Bacterial Removal

    CADR400 air purifier has a 99.94% bacterial removal rate.
  • 400m³/h CADR

    The CADR called the clean air delivery rate is 400m³/h.
  • 48m² Functional Area

    The applicable area can reach 48 square meters.
  • 4 Wind Speed

    Choose from five different wind speeds.
  • ≤66dB(A) Noise Level

    Max fan speed mode ≤66dB(A).
  • 1x10pcs/cm³ of Negative lons

    Air ionizer technology produces up to 1x10pcs/cm³
  • OEM&ODM Manufacturer
  • Sample Available

360°Circulation Flow

Capture and remove 98% ofairborne particles and pollutants in your bedroom, office, reading room, or other small-to-medium sized areas with the Air Purifier with HEPA filter.

Touch-screen Operation

Air quality indicator-LED Light. Air Quality Indication Air quality varies from different colors. Excellent Good Normal Poor.

Exploded View

The Design fully consider the customer experience, give full play to technical advantages from the various parts of the purifier: door cover buckle, initial effect card buckle, filter mesh sealing cotton innovation.


Rated Power:


Noise Level:




Applicable Area:


Negative Ions:


TVOC removal rate:


Wind Speed:


Net Weight:


Unit Size:


4-stage Air Purification System

Pre-filter +HEPA Filter+Activate Carbon Filer+Cold Catalyst+Ionizer+UV Light

4 Sensors

PM2.5 sensors, Laser Dust sensor, Formaldehyde sensor, TVOC sensor

Control Method

Manual and Smart WIFI APP control as opional

Features of the CADR400

Remove allergen

PM2.5 Dust Sensor


4 Fans speeds

Timer function

Remote control


Monitoring of Temperature

Low noise model

Childlock protection

Filter Reminder


Features of the CADR400

Remove allergen

Air quality sensor

Compound filter

4 Fans speeds

Timer function

Remote control

Monitoring of Humidity

Monitoring of Temperature

Low noise model

Childlock protection

Filter Reminder


About this machine

The Air Purifier And Humidifier In One CADR400 is a efficient device designed to provide clean and fresh air in homes. With its 360°Circulation Flow, this air purifier and humidifier can effectively purify and humidify the air in all directions.

The touch-screen operation control makes it easy to use and adjust settings. The humidifier adds moisture to the air. The Air Purifier It is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and other small-to-medium sized areas.

Benefits of using this air purifier

1. 2-in-1 Air Purifier & Humidifier: Combines mist-free physical humidification for enhanced comfort.

2. Durable & Quiet Motor: Japanese Nidec brushless DC motor ensures long life and peaceful operation. Air temperature/humidity real-time display.

3. UV LED germicidal energy-saving lamp.

4. Eco-friendly cold catalyst filter for effective aldehyde removal and enhanced sterilization. Real-Time Monitoring: Digital display of air temperature and humidity.

5. Negative Ion Generation: Delivers fresh, clean air by releasing tens of millions of negative ions.

6. Multiple Safety Protections: Includes dumping and automatic power-off when the cover is opened for enhanced security.

360°Circulation Flow

With its 360°Circulation Flow, this air purifier and humidifier can effectively capture and remove up to 98% of airborne particles and pollutants, such as dust, pollen, smoke, and pet dander from your bedroom, office, reading room, or other small-to-medium sized areas. 

Equipped with a HEPA filter, this air purifier ensures that even the smallest particles are trapped, leaving the air in your room clean and fresh. The humidifier function adds moisture to the air, ensuring that your skin and respiratory system stay hydrated and comfortable. With its sleek and modern design, this air purifier and humidifier blends seamlessly into any decor.

Touch-screen Operation Control

With its touch-screen operation control, this air purifier and humidifier is incredibly easy to use, and you can adjust the settings to suit your preferences. The air quality indicator LED light is another impressive feature that makes it easy to monitor the air quality in your room. 

The LED light changes color depending on the air quality, with colors ranging from Excellent, Good, Normal, to Poor. This feature helps you understand the air quality in your room at a glance, ensuring that you always know when it’s time to adjust the settings.

Exploded View Of The Product Structure

Every aspect of the purifier has been carefully considered to give customers the best possible experience. From the door cover buckle to the initial effect card buckle, and the filter mesh sealing cotton innovation, every part of this air purifier has been designed to provide customers with the highest level of convenience and ease of use.

The door cover buckle ensures that the purifier is easy to open and close, while the initial effect card buckle ensures that the initial filter is securely in place. The filter mesh sealing cotton innovation provides an airtight seal, ensuring that no air bypasses the filter, and all pollutants are captured.

Contracted & Atmosphere​

Applicable to various scenarios, two different ways


Living Room

Meeting Room

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