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Instant Hot Smart RO Water Purifier

Instant Hot Smart UF Water Purifier Dispensers

  • 0.4-0.6MPa Rated Working Pressure

    Nano Ultrafiltration Water Purification System
  • 0.1kwh/24h Power Consumption

    Providing you with maximum value for money by consuming 0.1kwh/24h of electricity
  • 20L/h(≥90℃) Hot Water Capacity

    RO Water Purifier Provide 20L/h hot water capacity
  • 0.2L/min Net Water Flow Rated

    RO Water Purifier include 0.2L/min total net water flow
  • 6 Speed Water Temperature Gear

    RO Water Purifier has 6 speed gear option for water temperature
  • 5-38℃ Applicable Water Source

    Healthy drinking water from any applicable source - ranging from 4 to 40℃
  • OEM&ODM Manufacturer
  • Sample Available

3 Seconds Quick Heat


Thick film technology boils water in 3 seconds, avoiding thousands of boiling water, and the water quality is fresher.


Level 4 Purification

2-stage filter element, 4-stage purification: PP composite filter element (PP + carbon rod), aerospace reverse osmosis filtration technology + post-carbon.


6-Stage temperature control + stepless temperature adjustment

Ice water, room temperature water, milk, tea, coffee, boiled water, cold boiled water.



Product Number




Clean water flow


Rated total net water volume


Rated total power


Hot water capacity


Fixed work stress


Type of protection against electric shock


Applicable water source

Free Installation

Applicable water temperature


Product Size


Raw water tank capacity


Body material


Product Weight


Water output


Ultrafiltration Water Purification Technology

Free Installation

Ultrafiltration system

3S quick heating

4-speed temperature

Digital display

Food grade material

Safe child lock

1.8L External Water Tank

Reverse Osmosis Technology

One Key Emptying

Thick Film Rare Earth Rapid Heating Technology

TDS Water Quality Intelligent Monitoring

Ultrafiltration water purifier Instant Heating All-In-One Machine

Top tech electrolyzes H2O to make H2 in an independent module and quickly mixes it with potable water to create high-concentration hydrogen-rich water. 


Compact plug-in water purifier with easy installation, low wastewater ratio, fine filtration, luxury tank, and intelligent temperature control. Electrically controlled filter element replacement for hassle-free use.

Characteristics of Ultrafiltration
water purifier

  • Membrane Filtration Technology:

  • Ultrafiltration water purifiers use a semi-permeable membrane to remove particles, bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms from water. The membrane has tiny pores, typically ranging from 0.01 to 0.1 microns, which allow water and dissolved minerals to pass through while blocking contaminants.

  • No Need for Electricity:

  • Unlike some other purification methods such as reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration systems generally do not require electricity to operate. They rely on water pressure to push water through the membrane, making them more energy-efficient and suitable for areas with unreliable power supply.

  • Retention of Essential Minerals:

  • Ultrafiltration purifiers are effective at removing harmful contaminants while retaining essential minerals and nutrients in the water. This results in purified water that still contains beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium, which are often removed in other purification processes such as reverse osmosis.

smart UF Water purifier features

1.  water purifier and water dispenser all ine one, 3 seconds quick heating.

2. Free installation, quick-heating, hydrogen-rich clean drink complete in one step.

3. Six levels of temperature adjustment, four levels of quantitative.

4.  Filter element life reminder, TDS water quality monitoring, water change reminder.

5. Smart APP: Water quality, water quantity, filter life, etc. are clear at a glance.

6. Multiple safety protections: temperature control + child lock + dry burning preven tion+overheating protection

7.  Rear earth thick film fast heating technology instant heating & instant drinking.

8. Built-in TDS water purifier quality monitoring, the purification effect is clear at a glance.

9. Ultrafiltration purifiers are effective at removing harmful contaminants while retaining essential minerals and nutrients in the water.

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