Car Hepa Air Purifier CADR20

  • 99.94% Bacterial Removal

    CADR20 air purifier has a 99.94% bacterial removal rate.
  • 20m³/h CADR

    The CADR called the Clean Air Delivery Rate is 20m³/h.
  • 2.4m² Functional Area

    The applicable area can reach 2.4 square meters.
  • ≤35dB Noise Level

    Operates at a low noise level of ≤35dB.
  • OEM&ODM Manufacturer
  • Sample Available

High performance car use

Our CADR200 technology gives you the highest performance possible when purifying the air in your car. It features a multifarious connector (USB,DC-JACK) with a TVOCs sensor to ensure that your vehicle is clean and safe at all times.

Real-time air quality indicator

Know exactly what’s in your car’s air with our real-time air quality indicator. This feature allows you to monitor the environment inside your vehicle so you can be sure that you’re breathing clean air all the time.

HEPA & carbon filter

Our HOKO car air purifier has a HEPA & carbon filter which provides comprehensive protection from germs, pollen, dust, and other allergens. This ensures that your vehicle is always kept clean and safe – no matter where you go!










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Car Air Purifier CADR20

The HOKO Car Air Purifier CADR20 is a cutting-edge device that provides exceptional air purification for your car. Equipped with a real-time air quality indicator, this air purifier effectively monitors and displays the air quality inside your vehicle, allowing you to breathe in clean and fresh air.

The device comes with a 1 composited filter that uses a 3-stage purification system, including a HEPA & carbon filter that effectively removes a wide range of pollutants such as PM2.5 particles, formaldehyde, and benzene, providing you with clean and fresh air. The TVOCs sensor in this air purifier detects and removes VOCs, ensuring that the air inside your car is free from harmful pollutants.

The HOKO Car Air Purifier CADR20 comes with a multifarious connector, including USB and DC-JACK, making it easy to use in your car. With its high performance, this air purifier is perfect for use inside your car, ensuring that you breathe in clean and fresh air while driving. If you want to enjoy a healthy and comfortable driving experience, the HOKO Car Air Purifier CADR20 is the perfect solution for you.

Car Air Purifier CADR20 Features

1. High Performance For Car Use.

2. Multifarious Connector (USB,DC-JACK).

3. TVOCs Sensor.

4. Real-time Air Quality Indicator.

5. HEPA & Carbon Filter.

6. 1 Composited Filter with 3-Stage Purification

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