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3-core 4-stage fine filtration ultrafiltration

Effectively filter bacteria, residual chlorine and other impurities in water, and absorb impurities Color and odor, while retaining beneficial minerals

Five Reasons, Highly Recommended

The water quality reaches the standard of direct drinking and can be safely drunk

The water quality of the effluent meets the requirements of the Code for Health, Safety and Function Evaluation of Domestic Drinking Water Quality Processors-Reverse Osmosis Treatment Equipment

First-Class Water Efficiency

1.5:1 wastewater ratio, longer
service life, water purification

2.1L large-capacity sealed water storage tank

The innovative water purification scheme is adopted to purify water with high efficiency, and the outlet flow rate is stable. The built-in sealed water storage tank ensures clean and healthy water quality.

It can be matched with "UV sterilization+ozone generator"

UV bacteriostasis technology can purify the internal environment, effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and avoid secondary pollution.

3-core 4-stage fine filtration

APP control More convenient and convenient

Timely receive the expiration of filter element life

Easy Filter Change

Product Details

Easy Filter Change

Product Details

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