Highly Efficient Sterilization Adsorption of Formaldehyde

360° Clean Air, It takes only 3 mins to clean the area around 20m²

Home Air Purifier H13 Ture HEPA Air Cleaner For Big Room CADR460/600

Everything Is Clearly Visible

Real-time display of current functional status and air quality

Powerful Efficient Filtration

Advanced HEPA filters are widely used in medical equipment and experiments, strong adsorption of harmful particles PM2.5.

Peace And Quiet

Clean air shouldn’t come at the cost of your comfort 





Wind Speed

5 speed









Unit Dimension


Smart Home Air Purifier CADR460/600 Features

1. Metal body, 40% longer using life than normal ABS material.

2. 360° purification:(Pre-filter + HEPA + activated carbon).

3. PM2.5 sensor, 4-colors air quality indicator.

4. Safety Child Lock & dumping protection.

4 Stage Filtration Layer Purification​


Dust, hair, dander, large particles of floating

Medium efficiency HEPA filter

Using WELLRON+H11 grade filter paper, the purification rate of 0.3 micron particles is over 99%.

CleanPro core layer

Activated silicon technology with nano-gel Nano-Gel graphene as the core material, rapid decomposition of formaldehyde rate of 1 hour up to 96%.

High efficiency HEPA filter

Using H13 grade medical filter paper,the purification rate of 0.1 micron particles can reach over 99%.

Wide Applications

55 m²

Max Area

32 m²

Min Applicable Area

Ergonomic Touch Button

More intuitive and simpler

Auto Mode

Automatically switch the operating mode according to the real-time indoor air quality.

Fan Speed

The wind speed gear can be set manually, and the gear can be switched cyclically.

Sleep Mode

Light OFF and machine runs at low speed, low noise.

WIFI Connection

Wireless connection:Intelligent Internet of Things, control the purifier anytime and anywhere.

Childlock Protection

Start the child lock protection function to prevent children from misoperation.

Timer Mode

Easy timing, free to master exclusive purification time.


When the purifier is powered on, touch this button to switch on and off.

Light out of the screen to avoid light pollution

The machine display automatically detects
ambient light changes automatically in the
low light environment,avoiding light pollution,
guarding sweet dreams,and sleeping

Safety Protection

Built-in high-precision G-Sensor sensor,when the purifier is knocked down or tilted,it will trigger the protection mechanism, automatically cut the power supply to avoid danger.

Negative lon Purification

Negative ions have the name of “air vitamins”,
effectively removing toxic gases such as
benzene,formaldehyde,acetone and xylene,
and purifying without secondary pollution.

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