Air Purifier and Humidifier Home Hepa Air Cleaner and Humidifer CADR310

Air Purifier and Humidifier


Sleep Mode

Press the sleep button to give you a quiet and comfortable sleeping

30°Safety Angle

The purifier is inclined to be greater than 30° and automatically
enters the power-off protection state.

2-Sets Filter With 4-Stage Air Purification System

Primary Filter

Effectively filter dust,hair,dander,and large particle floats,effectively reducing
the problems of itch,rash,redness,sneezing,runny, infants and children.

Carbon Cloth Mesh Filter

The two-layer HEPA+activated carbon is sandwiched together. The outer heap effectively filters 0.3 micron particles. The intermediate granular activated carbon is evenly
distributed and can be fully purified by air contact.

Water Tank

Increase water volume when water shortage reminds

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