Fruit & Vegetable Sterilizer


Fruit Vegetable Sterilizer

Fruit cleaner

Powerful functions

Will it be authentic cleaned after repeated washing?

Studies have shown that most pesticides and germ residues
cannot be completely washed by water.

Hydroxyl Decomposition

No secondary pollution,and meets environmental
protection requirements.

Pesticide Residue/Bacterial/Virus

Eliminate the hormones,fishy smell and surface germs in meatand fish,and the meat will be more delicious and delicate after cleaning

Instrument Disinfection

IIn addition to the ingredients,it can also disinfect dailyutensils such as feeding bottiles tableware and chopsticks.

7.2L Large Capacity

Large capacity is enough to clean the whole family’s ingredients at once

Product Details

Working Hours


Working Environment Temperature


Main Material

Food Grade ABS

Implementation Standard


Net Weight


Unit Size


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